Aeonium aureum - Succulent Care

Aeonium aureum - Succulent Care

How to care for Aeonium aureum ‘Mountain Rose’

(Greenovia aurea)

Growing naturally in the mountains of the Canary Islands, Mountain Rose is a hardy and fascinating succulent. The soft green leaves grow in tightly compacted rosettes, just like a rose. Small rosettes form around the base of the mother plant, forming a bouquet of pale green roses. Mountain Rose goes does a beautiful dance between growth and dormancy periods. The  rose buds of summer relax and open gracefully during winter.

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Care Tips

LIGHT: Aeonium can tolerate a range of light levels but is best grown in semi shade to maintain the best color and shape.

WATER: Water well during the winter growing season and and water infrequently in the summer.

SOIL: Use a well-draining soil mix.

PLANTING: Repot in autumn to promote winter growth. This encourages pups to sprout around the base. Plant in a 16–20 cm pot with drainage holes or in your garden.


BLOOMING: As a monocarpic succulent, Mountain rose blooms in late winter or spring and then dies. A ball of yellow flowers blooms atop a tall tower springing from the center of the rosette.

DORMANCY: Mountain Rose is dormant from late spring through summer when the rosettes tighten into the shape of a fresh rose. It is sensitive to frost and extreme heat and humidity. Good air circulation is needed, especially during dormancy.

PROPAGATION: Pups form around the base during the winter growing season. These offshoots can be left or separated and replanted.

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