Beautifully Rare and New Adromischus in Australia

Beautifully Rare and New Adromischus in Australia
Over the last few years, I have developed a strong attraction towards these unusual plant species once I realised that Australia had only 25 to 30 species to offer amongst the collectors located here.
Once I had begun collecting here, I had noticed more of these species available overseas that you just could not find here. From this discovery, I invested a lot of effort into finding a friend in Korea who was as passionate as I to begin hunting in Europe for me, with subsequent trips to visit collectors in Japan and China. Some of the plants sourced from China came from the American located collection of Steven Hammer, who obtained such gorgeous specimens on his many wanderings and collecting trips to South Africa.
Over these last few years, we have collected some real beauties, plus some of the latest hybrids that have only begun breeding within the last years. We now have over 6 Adromischus marianiae Clan William species, many new Adromischus marianiae herrei hybrids and marianiae herrei – kourkamerburg hybrids!
We have also been lucky enough to obtain Brian Makin’s The Dark Side, a rare variation, a rare halli spotted form and the rarest of the white marianiae.
Succulents Australia invests large amounts of time, effort, and money into introducing new and fantastic species, hybrids and varieties to Australia. We have over the last 3 years, introduced a wide range of new Adromischus species and hybrids to satisfy the passionate collectors here! 

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