Echeveria Elegans

Echeveria Elegans

Echeveria Elegans

Echeveria Elegans naturally grows around central Mexico in the states of Hidalgo which is one of their colder regions therefore they can be mildly tolerant to colder temperatures. There have been many namings of this plant as its quite varied in its natural range. These names include Hyaliana Albicans and Potosina. They are all a bit different from each other, so hence why there is so many different names.

Size and Colours

Echeveria Elegans is an original “species plant”. Almost stemless and offsetting freely to form rather tight compact rounded clumps of attractive pale blue to green blue. With a lot of sun, the dense rosettes get rather white. When stressed and during the winter months the outer leaves turn a rosy pink.


All have the same flowering habits which is the go-to method for identifying a species, rather than the leaf shape or size of the plant. Flowers grow in thin stems of up to 15 to 25cm tall raceme, with 5 to 9 pink with yellow tipped tubular bells.

Growing tips

An ideal succulent to line a pathway creating a series of informal and colourful mounds. They look very good planted in a large massed arrangement bowl. Echeveria Elegans natural habitat means it is quite cold and rain tolerant, as well as mildly frost tolerant. 

Threats and pests

Pest that may affect this plant are mainly mealy bugs and possibly aphids on flower shoots. Keep stems clear of old leaves for better airflow. If you have this plant inside make sure it is placed in a spot that receives direct sunlight in the morning and shaded from the harsh Western sun. 


Normally E Perle Von Nurnberg is easily propagated from leaf cuttings but as is well known to most variegates, they do not grow well or consistently from leaf cuttings as they are so rare. Head cuts are the best way to procreate this plant.

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  • Bridgette Fleming