Echeveria Fantastic Fountain - Succulent Care

Echeveria Fantastic Fountain - Succulent Care

How to care for Echeveria ‘Fantastic Fountain’

Echeveria ‘Fantastic Fountain’ is a completely new hybrid from Taiwan. The succulent, dark blue-green leaves form the iconic Fantastic Fountain flowing pattern, with each keeled leaf pouring into the leaf below. This growth pattern hides the stem as the rosette grows, allowing for a beautifully domed canopy to grow 15–30 cm tall. After a year to mature, Fantastic Fountain will have grown into its stunning fountain formation. Surely a prize-winning plant, this unreal-looking Echeveria is a rewarding plant to add to your succulent collection.

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Care Tips

LIGHT: Unlike many other Echeveria, Fantastic Fountain is not tolerant of direct sun. Semi shade allows this plant to thrive while avoiding harmful sunburn.

50% or more shade in early spring protects young leaves from scorching. As the plant matures, the leaves become more tolerant of the sun. Even as full-grown plants, they won’t thrive in the harsh western sun and should find a place in semi shade with indirect light. Light tolerance is similar to Haworthia.

WATER: Fantastic Fountain thrives with infrequent watering, make sure the soil has ample time to dry completely between watering. During winter dormancy, water once every 3–6 weeks.

SOIL: Use a well-draining soil mix.

PLANTING: Fantastic Fountain, like other Echeveria, are susceptible to fungal disease and rot. A top dressing of stones will help keep the bottom leaves from resting on wet soil. Plant in a pot containing holes for drainage. Terracotta, as a porous material, works well to keep moisture levels low.

This succulent can grow to 30 cm in height and 12 cm wide when grown with low levels of nutrients, optimal lighting, and minimal water. Plant in a pot 20–25 cm in diameter.

FERTILISER: Fertilise sparingly only when the plant begins looking lackluster using a diluted fertiliser.

BLOOMING: Blooms from summer to autumn. Flowers are electric orange fading to lemon yellow growing from tall stems springing from the rosette.

DORMANCY: Dormancy begins in autumn and carries on through winter. Fantastic Fountain is frost tender and should be protected or brought in during winter.

PROPAGATION: Fantastic Fountain regularly grows pups around the base and is easiest to propagate by separating these offshoots. Every 2–3 years it can be deadheaded, or beheaded, to reroot and restart the stem. Don’t toss out the old stem because offshoots can grow from it even after the head has been cut off.

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