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Echeveria longissima - Our Unique Varieties

Echeveria longissima - Our Unique Varieties

Echeveria longissima is one of the first species of succulent plants I had to chase to find. It has proportionally huge, beautifully coloured flowers, so it became one of my first treasured plants. I ended up selling many hundreds to Korea for years when they discovered this beautiful species. It turns out that Australia has a special clone quite different to the wild species, collectors overseas really pine for the Australian clone. It turns out many Asian growers have grown Echeveria longissima from seed, but they lack the lovely shape and dark red colour under the leaves of the Australian clone, which we asexually produce at our nursery.

 Echeveria longissima

Three Unique Varieties

Here are three very noteworthy and nameable Echeveria longissima varieties, which carry their parents’ traits, but are uniquely different, making them highly collectable


Echeveria longissima  Echeveria longissima

Clone 1: very compact with lovely round leaves, strong red margin and keel line.


Echeveria longissima   Echeveria longissima

Clone 2: very compact with very bright red under-leaves and quite pointy leaves.


 Echeveria longissima  Echeveria longissima

Clone 3: the smallest of the three rounded leaves but quite different to Clone 1.



Echeveria longissima   Echeveria longissima

Echeveria longissima ‘Salsa Verde’     Echeveria longissima x caniculata



Echeveria longissima. monstrose or variegate

Echeveria longissima variegata


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