Echeveria pinwheel ‘Revolution’ - Succulent Care

Echeveria pinwheel ‘Revolution’ - Succulent Care

How to care for Echeveria Pinwheel ‘Revolution’

Revolution is a spontaneous sport, or cultivar, of highly variable Echeveria Pinwheel. When a succulent produces a pup with special traits, it can be separated and propagated as a new cultivar. This is how Echeveria Pinwheel ‘Revolution’ was born. Its delicate leaves are pastel grey blue, and orange when sun stressed. As an Echeveria, its upturned leaves grow in beautiful, symmetrical rosette formations. The flowers are a burst of striking color in red and yellow bell shapes.

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Care Tips

LIGHT: Revolution is happy in a range of light conditions, from early morning sun to semi shade.

WATER: Water once every one to two weeks during the spring and summer growing period. While dormant, reduce watering to once every three to six weeks.

SOIL: Use a well-draining soil mix.

PLANTING: Repot as needed. Revolution is a smaller Echeveria, growing to 12 cm wide so a pot between 10 and 15 cm, with drainage holes, is best suited.

FERTILISER: Fertilise once every year or two using a general fertiliser.

BLOOMING: In late summer and autumn, flowers with a vibrant gradient of red and yellow bloom.

DORMANCY: Autumn, winter

PROPAGATION: Pups form around the base during the winter growing season. These offshoots can be left or separated and replanted.

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