Echeveria "Fantastic Fountain"

Echeveria "Fantastic Fountain"

Echeveria “Fantastic Fountain”

It is, a game changing new look and style Echeveria which is easy to grow and hardy.

This magnificent and I am sure will be a prize winner at many a succulent show in years to come. Fantastic looking even a bit unreal for an Echeveria.

Fantastic Fountain comes with densely packed leaves around the stem making a domed canopy of dark green long thin heavily keeled, (like a boat keel) leaves which are gracefully curved downwards very similar to a fountain of flowing water. This hides the stem for a long time allowing the plant to grow quite tall

This is a nice medium sized plant to about 150 to 200 mm depending on the grower. Again, this hybrid will benefit from a regular head cut every 18 months to 2 years. Echeveria Fantastic fountain, quiet readily offsets so you will be able to give your friends a pup or two after a year or two.

Echeveria "Fantastic Fountain"

A word of warning this plant though, quiet hardy and easy to grow is not as sun tolerant as some other echeveria. In November this year we had some high 30 degrees to near 40 degrees this did cause some burning on the new young leaves. Which set our propagation back a bit. When the plants were relocated to a more shaded environment they flourished.

I would recommend 50% shade or more with our early spring heat especially when the leaves are young, later as they mature and leaves get a bit tougher it could take more sun, such as early morning. I feel this one will not tolerate the full hot western afternoon sun. So find a spot on the south side of your balcony or the shadier end of your glasshouse out of direct sun. I am growing mine near the Haworthia’s as a point of reference

Also this plant will take about one year or a bit more to achieve the lovely keeled flowing leaves as it begins to grow a bit harder and slower with more mature leaves. Before its shape will resemble the pictures.

This is an extremely rewarding plant when grown well


This new game changer is a must for the succulent lover, even if you have limited room and have to move on a couple of plants to fit them in. These new ones are sure to excite the collector and enthusiast as well.


After years of looking around succulent nurseries around the world, I was truly excited by the fresh new look these two fine Echeveria gave me. I feel they are benchmark standard plants which many breeders would aspire to achieve as good as. These two plants I am sure will stand and be wanted for many years to come. And be a favourite for any succulent lover or collector.

There are so many Echeveria with fine or very little discernible difference from others like it. These two have a standout look, and I am sure will stand the test of time.  The public will decide ultimately.

“Notes”. Head cuts refers to the larger Echeveria that can in time grow tall on one stem. After between one and 3 years they often can look a bit ungainly like a picked Brussel sprout plant. Growers are inclined not to let them get to tall and cut the head off let it dry for a week or three, sometimes until the new pink roots show. Then pant it back in a pot to grow again. Often the base or old stem is kept as new young side shoots appear which can be cut and grown as new young cuttings this is the old collectors way of propagating larger Echeveria, which can be well nigh impossible from leaf cuttings

Grown and bred in Taiwan by noteworthy breeder Volarth Chi.

MM notes

These plants have been tested to Australian conditions they survived my ultra hot collection house over summer. No air conditioning used.They also survived the dipping into oil by AQIS who tried their best to kill my plants, and then survived the chilly cold damp shaded winter Quarantine house. They’re tough.!

These can tolerate low nutrient levels, or be grown like brussel sprouts with lots of feed and water So they are very tolerant.

They have survived the high humidity of Taiwan’s summer

They have great jeans of well known parents so are bred tough to survive.

We have shot them with the heat measuring gun, and then I lost it after 55.!!

The Lux reader got a working out as well checking the tolerances.


Succulents for Australia

Happy growing


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