Senecio 'Angel's Tears' Succulent Care

Senecio 'Angel's Tears' Succulent Care

Senecio “Angels Tears”

This variegate was an exciting new find in Japan. A hybrid from Senecio rowleyanus (String of Pearls)  The variegation is random appearing most strongly on the newer growing tips and is of the silk type of variegation, and more yellow instead of the often white. Angels Tears has larger more tear shaped leaves and grows more vigorously than its parent Senecio rowleyanus. We have an original specimen in our nursery which has grown to nearly a meter in a year. A definite improvement on the original form for colour and vigour.

Predominantly most growth is between Spring to Autumn slowing down a bit in summer and winter.

Unlike most other succulents Senecio can benefit from more frequent watering. Allow to dry out a bit between watering’s. It can tolerate longer periods of dryness, but the leaves tend to shrink a bit.


Prefers shade to semi shaded positions can burn in full hot summer sun. Shade cloth to 50% or more. Variegated plants generally require more shade or shelter than their green counterparts so are therefore susceptible to burning in the hot summer sun

A light top dressing of a general fertilizer twice a year will keep your string of pearls keep in tip top condition.

Plant in a hanging basket 200 to 250mm where in time it will fill it and cascade like a fountain to over 500mm Suits shady rockeries shaded wall gardens

Plant in good, well-draining potting mix.

Watering. Senecio do not like to be waterlogged. But can tolerate more water than many other succulents. Allow to dry a little between watering’s which should be dependent on how hot the weather is. In winter decrease water to every 2 to 3 weeks. Senecio can survive quiet long periods without water but the leave will shrink to a fraction of their former size

Grows vigorously from Spring to Autumn when watered well. Slower over the winter months, when it is more dormant.

Icon Flowers May to June

Icon. Water mark 2

Icon. Shade to semi shade.

Icon. Mildly frost tolerant

Icon.  Humidity OK

Icon. Hanging baskets to 200 to 250mm

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