Senecio Growing, Care and Cultivation

Senecio Growing, Care and Cultivation

Senecio are an ideal plant for pot culture, In the garden. And for massed landscape plantings.

They are a very diverse group of about a 1000 species in the genera, of which succulent lovers seem to grow and collect about 100 different species. Senecio are a very tolerant and forgiving group to grow. A well drained mix with a neutral PH, which retains some moisture is preferred. (not too gravely)

Senecio growing period is mainly from Autumn to Spring. They can go dormant in Summer with lack of water but not necessarily.if they get a summer watering they will continue to grow. Senecio are very drought tolerant.

Senecio leaves are as diverse as there are species ranging from bright blues and purples to reds and greens some are large and wide some small round balls to longer tubular beans fat with stored water. Some have windows like Lithops and Conophytums to let light in to make sugars for plant growth. There are a few variegate versions that are very attractive

Senecio can take a bit more fertilizer than other succulents if you want them to grow fast like Senecio rowleyanus or herrianus. Sting of pearls and string of beans. These ones like more shade over the summer period. Other such as Senecio mandraliscae, chalk sticks enjoy full sun.

Growing them from cuttings and divisions is the normal way to propagate these plants easily. Pest do not seem to like these plants much so are relatively pest and problem free. Some Senecio can tolerate mild frosts others are frost tender. So if your not sure and don't want to test them out keep them under cover.


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