xGraptoveria Topsy Debbie aka Lilac Spoons - Succulent Care

xGraptoveria Topsy Debbie aka Lilac Spoons - Succulent Care

How to care for xGraptoveria ‘Lilac Spoons’

(‘Topsy Debbie’)

A unique hybrid of Echeveria ‘Topsy Turvy’ and xGraptoveria ‘Debbie’, xGraptoveria ‘Lilac Spoons’ has luscious purple-pink, tubular leaves with upturned tips. Leaf shapes vary plant to plant depending on the genetic balance from the parent plants. Lilac Spoons grows in a lovely rosette formation with leaves ranging from very spooned, tubular shaped like Topsy Turvy, to more spade shaped like Debbie. With its many variations and stunning colour, this is a unique addition to your succulent collection.

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Care Tips

LIGHT: Lilac Spoons thrives in mid sun to semi shade. The more sun it gets, the brighter the colours become, so it’s worth it to find the right balance of healthy sun stress.

WATER: During the warm growing season, water when the soil is almost dry. Reduce water during winter dormancy.

SOIL: Use a well-draining soil mix.

PLANTING: Thrives in pots, plant walls, arrangements, or in the garden. Repot as needed.

FERTILISER: Fertilise once a year using a little general-purpose fertiliser.

BLOOMING: During spring and summer, soft lavender flower stems sprout from the side of the rosette. The yellow flowers are of the Echeveria parentage, with many buds on elegantly curling stems.

DORMANCY: Lilac Spoons is dormant in winter, when you water seldomly.

PROPAGATION: Lilac Spoons propagates by growing pups at the base of the plant, from the stem. These can be trimmed and rooted in their own pots. Basal leaves, and those from the flower stems, can also be propagated.

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