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Adromischus marianiae v. marianiae 'Clan William'


Adromischus  marianiae v. marianiae 'Clan William'

This very beautiful plant forms a thick tuberous root the leaves are about 8 to 10cm long and 1 cm wide, Grey to silver depending on the sun they get with a generous sprinkling of small dark spots. A most attractive form of this species Adromischus marianiae is a compact tight growing plant that forms a thick tuberous cordex, with fibrous roots below.Like most of the marianiae group where it slowly forms buds and small branches as the specimen ages it can be potted a little higher to expose the fattened root section, this will allow more air movement around your plant. Adromischus marianiae are more susceptible to Autumn and winter rots at the base of the leaves or in the top of the cordex, so therefore this group is one of the more challenging to grow. It is not a beginners plant. This adds to its appeal for collectors who love a challenge.

Flowers are on spikes to 35cm long with 7 to 8 small tubular flower with white to pale pink sometimes with purple margins.

Adromischus marianiae the type found by Tolken near a small area near Clanwilliam and Klawer usually in the shade of other plants or on dry lower West facing slopes This is the hot dry side of a hill in the southern hemisphere. This plant comes from a low rainfall area in summer of about 250mm.

Size of plant for sale displayed in a 75 mm pot (photo 2 to 5).

Please follow the link below for Growing Tips on Adromischus.

Adromischus Growing Tips

*Purchasing this particular species of Adromischus is at the "BUYERS RISK" as it is extremely delicate and will most likely lose a lot or most of its leaves during transit. We will NOT send a replacement plant or issue refund if this happens.

These plants are easy to grow though and any dislodged leaves can be easily re-propagated into new plants.

You will receive the same or similar plant as shown in the picture.
-Please note
Colours of plants can change according to the season or day length.
Size's can also vary after drying + packing so may appear a little different than photo.

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