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Dioscorea elephantipes - Packet 10 Fresh Seeds (Free Shipping)


Dioscorea elephantipes - Elephant's Foot Seeds x 10

Packet contains 10 Fresh seeds of Dioscorea elephantipes 

This is a summer deciduous climbing or scrambling shrub which develops a huge corky basal stem which can reach up to nearly 1 metre across after many years.

Common name is Elephants Foot due the the corky stem resembling an Elephants foot. Native to South Africa.

Photo number three shows the plant in its summer dormancy period.

Dioscorea elephantipes sowing instructions.

Dioscorea seeds are a large winged seed generally spread and distributed by the wind.

Sow seed into a fine well-drained potting mix suitable for succulents and cacti.

Seed should be covered lightly with more potting mix to about 2 times their diameter, so they are not visible anymore. Water in well with a fine spray or mist until all the mix is moist.

Move seed tray to a warm sheltered position with about 50% light and keep the tray moist (but not wet) until germination occurs.

Although seeds will often germinate various times of the year, for best results sow in late summer/autumn and spring.

To aid germination the seed tray or pot can be covered with glass to help retain moisture but still let in light.

To reduce the risk of fungi or other pathogens the potting mix drenched with a suitable fungicide for root rots prior to seed sowing.

You will receive the same or similar plant as shown in the picture.
-Please note
Colours of plants can change according to the season or day length.
Size's can also vary after drying + packing so may appear a little different than photo.

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