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Crassula are a really lovely group of plants to collect.

There are about 150 species and almost nearly the same amount of cultivars and hybrids. They are quite varied in appearance and are ideally suited for growing in pots with many being quite small. The leaves are opposite and often very tightly packed, often forming neat columns and very interesting shapes.

Our nursery has about 160 species, cultivars and hybrids.

Australia is well represented as being one of the main contributors to the hybrid collection with Max Holmes creating many new and noteworthy Crassula hybrids. Rudolf Schultz is also noted for finding several good cultivars.

They are reasonably easy to grow needing a well drained gravely mix with less watering done over summer and more in Autumn to Spring or when flowering.

Crassula dislike humid weather so good ventilation is very important. Crassula look their best and achieve the best colour and form when kept dry and grown in good light. A few of the greener varieties benefit from some shade in summer while the grey and silver forms can handle more direct sun.

Crassula leaves are mostly covered in very fine hairs. These hairs hold water so prolonged periods of them being wet can cause rusts on the leaves and over watering can also cause root rots.

To read and know more about Crassula go to our Blog section.


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