Frequently Asked Questions

If your query is in relation to the shipping process, please read our Shipping Policy.

Placing an order

How do I place an order?

Find a step by step guide to placing an order here

If I place multiple orders, can they be combined for shipment?

We finalise our shipping labels on a daily basis to ensure everyone gets their order on time. This means that we do not combine orders. This avoids any delay as heavier orders may take a little longer to arrive.

I want a specific plant in the photo/s of current plants available.

Unfortunately, we do not take requests for a specific plant shown in our photo/s. The photos will have multiple plants pictured so you have an idea of the plant you may receive. We always ensure the plants are very similar to what has been pictured so you know what to expect upon receiving your plant.

As plants are living specimens, they continuously change in size, form and colour, and can adapt markings throughout the seasons. During the Winter season, they will commonly have washable marks from the fungicide we use in order to protect them.

Is it correct that I will receive 1,000 points when I create an account? What are these points for?

Yes, when you create an account with us you will receive 1,000 points to your 'Rewards' account as a welcome gift.

The points are associated with our Rewards program. There are different discounts available when you redeem your points. When you choose to redeem one of the discount options, you will be given a discount code to copy and use at the checkout of your order.

Can you hold my order?

If you have a last minute change of plan or your circumstances change, we are more than happy to hold it for you. We will not hold an order for longer than 3 weeks.


When will my order be posted?

Find the full information about our shipping policy here

We dispatch orders on a weekly basis (every Tuesday) therefore we have a cut off day for orders of Tuesday's at 11:59pm. This means our week runs from Wednesday's. Orders placed by the cut off day will be dispatched on the following Monday/Tuesday. Orders placed after the cut off day will be dispatched on the Monday/Tuesday a fortnight later (excluding WA).

For WA customers, we ship once a month due to the quarantine requirements. The cut off day for WA customers is the Tuesday before the first Monday of the next month. The orders are dispatched on the first Monday of the month.

If you miss the cut off day, that order will be included in the following month's shipment. We combine all orders for WA customers that have been made within the Month.

All orders should arrive within 2-5 days via Australia Post, using Express Post. (This can be affected by delays and the area in which the parcel is being delivered too)

Do you ship to all states in Australia?

Yes. We ship to VIC, QLD, NSW, SA, ACT, TAS, NT and WA.

I have received the wrong plant / I am missing a plant in my order.

Please contact us immediately and provide a photo of the parcel and the plants within the parcel / a photo of the incorrect plant and the label it came with. Please also provide a photo of your invoice.

What are the watermarks / white marking on the plants?

The faint white markings are from a fungicide spray we use on our plants during winter to protect them from fungus diseases. The fungicide markings will wash off!


What method of payments do you have?

    We offer Credit/Debit card transactions, Internet banking Transfer (Poli) and After Pay as methods of payment. Unfortunately, we do not currently have PayPal.

    After plants arrive

    • Will my succulents be alright in the mail?
    • I have got my parcel and my plants look very dry / withered / wrinkly. Why is this? Will they survive?

    Yes, they will be alright, they are hardy / drought tolerant plants which allows us posting and sending all our plants bare rooted. It is part of the shipping process, we allow the plants to dry for a few days before postage to remove any excess of moisture from around the plant, so they do not arrive with any fungal or rotting issues what is more likely to happen during postage if it is packed having any moisture in a confined place. The best thing to do is to pot them up into a DRY potting mix and then let them sit for a week or so without being watered or until new roots have grown. Place it in a warmer position. Once plant is established do not water often in winter.

    • What do I do with my plants now they have arrived?
    • How and where do I plant my succulents?
    1. Pot up your new succulents into your desired pot using a - DRY succulent potting mix.
    2. Place your pots in an airy environment in a bright location, protect it from direct sunlight and frost.
    3. After few weeks new roots will start to grow, then you can water it. After watering check the weight of the pot to have an idea when it will need water again. It may need when the pot becomes light AND / OR the leaves look a bit dehydrated wrinkly.
    • Exception care for winter season:

    Good and happy growing from Succulents Australia plants will need watering only once or twice every month or two during the winter months. For good plant health is added a small amount of Dolomite Lime to our potting mix as it is full of minerals and trace elements.

    The best-looking succulents are grown in good light with minimal fertiliser and with just enough water for slow growth. This is when they exhibit their best form, shape, and colour.

    Pot them up into a DRY potting mix and then let them sit for a week or so without being watered or until new roots have grown. Place your pots in an airy environment, warmer and bright location, protect it from direct sunlight and frost. Once plant is stablished do not water often in winter, twice a week in average. It may need water when the pot becomes light AND / OR the leaves look a bit dehydrated wrinkly.

    • My product got damaged during transport:

    Please send us a photo of the product and the box, and lodge a claim AusPost. You can find out more on our website ‘returns / exchanges/ change of mind policy’ at

    Stock availability

    I can't find the specific plant I'm looking for on your website.

    If you cannot find the item on the website, unfortunately we do not have them yet! But we are always working to expand our collection! Keep an eye on our newsletter and social medias to get updated, we may have them very soon!

    Out of Stock / Back in Stock products

    If you don't want to miss out, the best way to get notified of an out of stock product, is by adding the item in to your Wishlist by hitting the heart shape on the product!

    By doing this, you will now be notified via email when the plant is back ins tock on the website!

    Rewards Program

    Is the Rewards program available to use at your Nursery Retail Store?

    Unfortunately the reward points program can only be used online.

    • How to start using Loyalty and Rewards? How to use the rewards system?

    Please check the link below:

    To use your points and apply a discount: Click on the Rewards tab at the top of the Homepage and log in.

    You can then choose how you want to spend your points. Click on the reward you wish to redeem, and you will see a discount code pop up.

    Copy this code and apply at checkout before payment is made to redeem your discount.

    I forgot to apply my discount code to my cart when I placed an order. What do I do?

    If you did not apply the discount code to the order before placing it, you will be able to use the discount code on your next order! There is no expiry dates for the discounts you redeem in the Rewards section!

    Unfortunately, we are not able to add your discount code to your order at our end once an order has been placed.

    • Regarding to the free shipping code redeemed from the reward system, is it even free for the shipping to WA? 

    Open Hours

    We are open Monday-Saturday from 10am-4pm!

    You can find our opening hours and events page at the bottom of our website!

    Our address is 429, Monbulk Rd, Monbulk VIC 3793

    Copyrights Photos

    • Can I use your website photos?
    • I have added some of your pictures on my Amazing Succulents video. Please advise if your pictures are copyright protected or free to use so I can take it down if I need to.

    Our photos are copyright protected but we understand that photos are also part of education matters. Our photos may be used under the following requirements:

    • The photos must be used with the finality of education which means no sales have to be involved unless you are our client and ask us for permission
    • The credits must be given to us by letting people know the address where the photos came from, wherever it has been advertised in.