Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order be posted? 

We have a weekly cut off for processing orders which is (12 am Midnight) each Wednesday If your order is placed before the weekly cut off, then your order will be posted the immediate following Monday. If the order is placed after the weekly cut off your order will be posted the consecutive Monday.

Do we combine orders?

We are happy to combine orders if they are within the same processing week. This is 12 am Midnight Wednesday to 12 am Midnight the following Wednesday. Please contact us if you wish to add to your existing order.

What type of payments do we except?

We offer Credit/Debit card transactions, Bank Transfer (Poli) and Afterpay as methods of payment.

Item is out of Stock - Get a notification when restocked.

The best way to get notification of a product that is out of stock is to click on the out of stocked item and you will then see an 'Email When Available' link. Click on this button and fill out the details. As soon as we upload and add that item back to the shops stock, you will receive an email notification letting you know that the item is back in stock.

I have just received my plants and they look dy-hydrated and limp.

We post and send all our plants bare rooted. We allow the plants to dry for a few days before postage to remove any excess moisture from around the plant, so they don't arrive with any fungal or rotting issues during postage from being moist and packed in a confined space.

Due to this, they will often appear a little dehydrated, wrinkly and or soft. This is natural and they will recover fine. The best thing to do is to pot them into a DRY potting mix and then let them sit for a week or so without being watered until new roots have grown. 

What do I do with my plants now they have arrived?

1. Pot up your new succulents into your desired pot using a - DRY succulent potting mix.

2. Place your pots in an airy environment in either semi shade or a bright location, but not in direct sunlight.

3. After a week or more - new pink roots will start to grow. Once the plants have new roots you can give them a watering in. After watering check the weight of the pot. Plants will need watering again when the pot becomes light or the leaves look a bit dehydrated.