Shipping & Shopping Guide


CUT OFF DAY FOR EACH WEEK IS TUESDAYS 11:59PM. Orders placed BEFORE the cut off day will be dispatched on the following Monday/Tuesday. Orders placed AFTER the cut off day will be dispatched on the Monday/Tuesday after the following week - 2 weeks (Excluding WA)

Please see the calendar example below. eg. If you placed your order on the 6th before Tuesday cut off, it will be dispatched on the following Monday, the 13th. But if you placed your order on the 8th after the Tuesday cut off, it will be dispatched on the 20th. 


*PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately we are no longer able to combine orders as we are finalising your orders on a 'daily basis' to ensure everyone receives their orders on time. (This does not apply to WA customers)

For WA Customers, we dispatch your orders monthly on the first Monday of each Month. WA cut off day is the last Tuesday of the month. If you place an order after the cut off day, your order will be dispatched with the next months batch of WA orders. 

We combine orders for WA customers, so all orders placed within the month will be combined and dispatched together. We also refund extra permit/shipping fees when processing begins at the end of the month. If multiple orders are made, please leave a note on your orders informing us to combine.


Processing Information

When we begin processing the orders for each week, if the order qualifies for the small box and shipping fee, it will automatically be fulfilled as the weight is under 0.5kg and the shipping labels do not need to be edited, therefore creating the tracking number. Where as the medium and large box and shipping fees will not fulfil automatically as we will not know the exact weight of the order until after it is packed, where we weigh them and then have to alter the shipping labels to the accurate weight, then they should fulfil once that has happened!

Therefore if you have a small order with the small shipping fee, you will receive an email when we begin processing your orders on Tuesday/Wednesday, but the order will not be dispatched until the next Monday!



We are currently posting via Australia Post using EXPRESS POST only. Orders will take 2 to 5 business days to arrive.

**Heavier orders may take a little longer to arrive.


Au Express post
Au Express post
Au Express post 
Price includes permit & phytosanitary treatment fee
Tasmania - NT
Au Express post
Price Includes permit & phytosanitary treatment fee

Small box         0 - 0.5Kg    $10.50

Medium box     0.5 - 3Kg    $16.00

Large box           3 - 5Kg      $19.00

X Large box      5 - 15Kg     $25.00

Small box         0 - 0.5Kg    $10.50

Medium box     0.5 - 1Kg    $16.00

Large box           1 - 3Kg      $26.00

X Large box      3 - 10Kg     $40.00

Small box         0 - 0.5Kg    $45.50

Medium box     0.5 - 1Kg    $56.00

Large box           1 - 5Kg      $65.00


Small box         0 - 0.5Kg    $40.50

Medium box     0.5 - 3Kg    $51.00

Large box           3 - 5Kg      $60.00


Note: Small box fits around 8 small plants

Tasmania customers:

A Notice of Intention to Import Form is necessary for the import of plants under Tasmanian Bio-Security Laws.

We now fill this form out for each customer; and will email it to Bio-Security Tasmania on your behalf.


Is there an issue upon receiving your order?

If there is a problem with your order when you receive it, please contact us within 72 hours of receiving the order so we are able to help fix the issue! Please provide photos of the plants for evidential reasons!

If you have a last minute change of plans or can not receive your order for a certain reason, we are more then happy to hold your order for you! However we have a max holding period of 3 weeks!


*** Information for WA Customers ***

All plants imported into WA are required to be inspected by quarantine. Every time quarantine makes an inspection a fee is charged and unfortunately this has fallen to the importer / customer.

We were previously unaware of this as we are certified to send plants to WA and also obtain the pre-approval required. Up until recently we have had no issues.

We have now made an agreement with WA Quarantine to incur the inspection fees on behalf of the customer. By doing this we have had to unfortunately raise the Permit and Treatment fee slightly to help us cover this cost.

Please click this link for more information



All plants are posted bare rooted without pots or potting mix.

We select the best quality plants from our stock to fulfill your order. Each plant is removed from its pot and cleaned of the soil as this is the safest, cleanest and cheapest method of posting succulents. Plants are posted neatly wrapped with padding to ensure a safe arrival. Size, colour, and shape may vary a little according to the season, or the cold and due to slight drying upon packing and may possibly look slightly different from the photo.



If you have been confused or had problems with how to proceed through our checkout system please follow this step by step guide.

  • Select your desired plants, quantity and/or other products and click ADD TO CART. Your selection will be added to the shopping cart.
  • When you have finished shopping click on the Shopping Cart symbol located at the top of the page by the search bar.
  • You will now be shown the contents of your Shopping Cart. You are also able to make changes to your selected purchases if desired. 
  • If you wish to add more items and continue shopping, simply click Continue Shopping to return to the Shop.
  • When you are happy with your order, click Checkout in the shopping cart to proceed.
  • Fill in the required Customer Information and click Continue to Shipping Method to proceed. Please check your information is correct to avoid any delays.
  • Shipping is automatically calculated by the quantity ordered and weight of the plants. Review your total and click Continue to Payment Method.
  • Select your Payment Method and details. * All transactions are secure and encrypted and we do not hold any credit card information.
  • Select your Billing address and click Complete Order.
  • You will be sent an order confirmation and invoice to your Email Address.
  • It`s DONE


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