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Adromischus filicaulis (West of Springbok)


Adromischus filicaulis ( Red Spotted form -West of Springbok)

A beautifully red spotted form of Adromischus filicaulis found from a small location West of Springbok South Africa.

Adromischus filicaulis.  West of Springbok

This species is reasonably easy to grow, and also very variable with strong stemmed upright small shrubs to more compact ground hugging shrubs with silvery grey leaved spotted forms to this one from near Springbok, This beautiful plant is pale green with outstanding bright red spots and splashes all over the leaves if given enough light. This is the plant I have been trying to get for years when grown well its an outstanding specimen plant compact yet strong and so colourful. Reasonably easy to grow and propagate just a bit tardy in growing a lot of leaves hence it’s taken several years of growing them to able at last to sell some of them. At the moment (just after Winter) mine look a little boring, green with red brown marks this will change when the sun gets stronger and I put them in a sunny part of the house.

Adromischus filicaulis habitat areas from just in the South of Namibia then south to North cape with another population around west Cape. There are 3 main populations quiet different to each other Tolken has designated a subspecies for two of the areas they being such different forms Adromischus filicalis subsp filicalis. Adromischus fililcaulis marlothii they are seen growing in granite quartz and sandstone outcrops.

Flowers are born on spikes to 15 to 30 cm depending on the subspecies generally white to pink but can be mauve red in some groups.

Header photo is in Habitat.

Plants for sale displayed in a 75 mm pot.

Please follow the link below for Growing Tips on Adromischus.

Adromischus Growing Tips

*Although all care is taken when packing and handling each plant, these plants can be delicate and some leaves may become detached during transit. These plants are easy to grow though and any dislodged leaves can be easily re-propagated into new plants.

You will receive the same or similar plant as shown in the picture.
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Colours of plants can change according to the season or day length.
Size's can also vary after drying + packing so may appear a little different than photo.

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