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Echeveria Bess Bates

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Echeveria Bess Bates (Black Prince Variegated)

This is a very beautiful plant with it’s extreme colour variations of gold and black. It is sometimes block coloured variegation but is very striking against it’s original black leaves of Echeveria Black Prince. The variegation is irregular and vary from having all yellow leaves with a black mid-line, to splotches of yellow, to half yellow and half black. It’s up to you which colour form you want to choose.

Bess Bates is propagated mostly by head cuttings and the resulting pups are about one third to half variegates. The rest being plain black.

Leaf cuttings are not advisable as most are black with only 1-2 per 100 leaves turning out variegate. Heads grow to 20cm in diameter with the plant reaching 10cm in height. This is a reasonably easy to grow plant. I rate it 2-3 out of 5 for difficulty. When stressed the yellow parts can also turn orange to red.

Plant for sale displayed in a 75mm pot.

You will receive the same plant as in photo's 1.

Please Note:
You will receive the same or similar plant as shown in the picture.
Colours of plants may change according to the season or day length so may appear a little different than photo.
All plants are posted bare rooted without pots or potting mix

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