Senecio Peregrinus Dolphin Necklace - NEW

Senecio Peregrinus Dolphin Necklace - NEW

Senecio Peregrinus Dolphin Plant 

A unique new hybrid of Senecio rowleyanus and Senecio articulatus


senecio dolphin necklace

Its now time to make some room in your home or collection for this adorably cute Dolphin plant.

"Kawaii" in Japan means cute. Many succulents are beautiful and pretty but fewer are cute. This superb new hybrid with leaves uncannily resembling leaping Dolphins ticks all the boxes for ‘Cute’. Dolphin Necklace is a delight to grow and must be grown where it can hang down or cascade to appreciate it beauty. Small flowers are produced in May to July.

This succulent was made famous in Japan on a kao twitter account getting over 10.5K retweets where it created a fashion and a stampede for this adorable plant.



Plant in a well drained potting mix with a top dressing of general fertilizer once or twice a year to enhance new growth. If you over feed, over water or let them too dry you may lose the leaping Dolphin look.

An exciting new hanging basket specimen which will cascade and hang down to over 500mm in the first year.

Senecio’s like bright indirect light, early morning sun or semi shade to around 50%. Plants can burn or go brown looking when grown in strong afternoon sun.

Water on average once a week in the warmer growing season reduced to once a month during the more dormant time over Winter. Allow soil to dry out between watering.


Senecio Dolphin Neck lace Senecio Dolphin Neck Lace


Flowers: May to July

Watering:  ☆☆

Light: Mid sun / Sheltered semi shade

Frost: Mild frost

Tolerated humidity with good air circulation

Planting: Suits hanging baskets 200 to 250mm, wall gardens and rockeries. This plant will cascade to over 50cm in the first year.

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